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Welcome to Top Gun Leads! We are a lead generation specialist, generating local businesses sales leads via our proprietary pay per call and pay per lead system. While most lead generation services can generate business leads, the question remains on the quality of that potential customer/client, is that lead shared and what is the cost per lead vs your lifetime value of that customer/client.


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There are multiple ways to generate leads.. What is the best way to generate quality leads for your services or products is ultimately what you need to know. If you have tried pay per click and it has failed as a lead generator, then perhaps ppc services using adwords is not the right option for your company. The cost per lead has to make your business money! If you are breaking even, but you have a high lifetime value.. then it is a win! If your cost per click is expensive, and if it takes too many clicks in generating sales leads and your lifetime value is small, then it is not a win.

There are many pay per click sites, such as Bing, Google and Facebook. When utilizing our PPC Services, we work with you to determine whether you should continue your Pay per click ads, determine if your campaign is properly optimized and generating you the best results!

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As a lead generation company, we will gather leads on your behalf from multiple sources. The key to lead generation marketing is to utilize as many options available. We will ask you the amount of volume that you can adequately handle. We don't want to potentially overwhelm you, and cause you to have bad customer service.


Our pay per call and pay per lead marketing system for generating sales leads ensures that you will have a fair cost per call or lead. We are performance based marketing company, meaning you only pay for the leads that you receive based on certain perimeters There are no upfront setup costs and a no risk guarantee.


We offer many services to our clients, from creating lead generation websites to get those website leads, to PPC, Reputation Marketing, Mobile websites, social media, SEO services and more.. From contractors to lawyers, insurance to mortgages, emergency services to medical health care professions.. we have you covered.


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