Are Your Lead Generation Strategies Failing?

Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation Strategies for a Positive ROI

There are many lead generation strategies that you can use such a website, articles, press releases, become an author, social
media and much more. But they will all fail, if you don’t followup with those potential prospects..

Follow-Ups Lacking Among Lead Generation Strategies

“Follow-Ups Lacking Among Lead Generation Strategies. Aug 9, 2012. Follow-Ups Lacking Among Lead Generation Strategies. Companies are failing to follow up on leads generated by web-based marketing efforts. A survey by shows that …”


Critical Components to Effective Long Term Lead Generation Strategies 

1) Reputation – what is your online reputation? Are there any reviews about your business, and are they positive? If you don’t have a reputation marketing system in place, you will not have a 5 star reputation. Don’t know what others are saying… go here to get a FREE Reputation Report, then give us a call.

2) Reach – It is critical that once you have your reputation marketing system underway, you reach more people today than you did yesterday. How? By implementing long term marketing plan you and your consultant generate to reach your business goals. This could be branding using press releases, mobile websites, social media, Google + local, video marketing and more.

3) Reselling – Are you upselling to your current clients/customers? Are you reaching out to them and letting them know of new products or services that you are offering, any specials or coupons…if not, you are losing business.

4) Referrals – Once you have a happy client or customer, are you asking for referrals, are they spreading the word about you through social media. Personal referrals furthers your business growth.


If you got 5 leads this week from one of your lead generation strategies, could you handle the business? Would you be able to followup with those customers, send out appointment reminders, get a written testimonial and referral to help grow your business?  We will assist you in getting your business structured to reach your business goals.  Let me know your thoughts

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