How to Determine a Great Pay Per Lead Company

 pay per lead

There are many pay per lead companies available to work with, 
but how do you determine if the company and their system is
right for you and your business. Take a look at this article to
give you some insight into pay per lead systems and lead 
management software..

Pay Per Lead, Is it Right for Your Business? | Kaleidico

“Pay Per Lead, Is it Right for Your Business? Marketing is expensive and in a
lot of ways mystical. What works and what doesn’t is often a subtle tweak in an
image or value message. What can this mean to sales professionals trying to
manage a marketing campaign–frustration.

Aggressive, top producers thrive on conversations and building personal
connections. These types quickly grow frustrated chasing the ghosts that create
an effective and sustainable marketing program. Luckily, there are individuals
that specialize in this challenging art and can efficiently bring new potential
relationships to you.

Lead providers generate hundreds of thousands of leads per day and can filter
and target these customer inquiries specifically to your products and services.
The best news is that generally they only charge you on a pay per lead basis.
Meaning you only pay when a customer raises their hand for you to call. As easy
as it sounds, pay per lead marketing requires your understanding and tuning of
your sales process for real success.

Creating a Pay Per Lead Sales Process Pay per leads, or Internet customer
inquiries, are more like coveted in-bound calls–they are ready to go. They are
at a stage where they expect immediate response, diligent follow-up, detailed
information, and minimal hassle, and interaction to get the deal done.

Your sales process today is more than likely focused on prospecting and
methodically building relationships. Moving folks through the sales funnel.
In a lot of “ards Internet leads, and pay per lead programs in particular,
short circuit that process. You need a system, a lead management system.

Typically, this is best accomplished with lead management software, but
can be constructed with a disciplined combination of email and spreadsheet
lead tracking. A lead management system will help you create efficiency at key
points of pay per lead success: immediate lead capture and lead receipt from
point of inquiry, real time lead distribution, enforced contact management, and
lead analysis. Without these key ingredients you will be wondering why you
can’t get promised conversions and ROI out of the leads you purchased.

Understanding Pay Per Lead Marketing The majority of pay per lead providers
use one of two techniques: email marketing or paid search (pay per click). Both
require scale and efficiency. Generally speaking these marketing methods are
based on the theory of large numbers and are hugely successful or (most often)
a light dribble of leads based on the slightest nuance.

However, understanding how this process works and leveraging it in your sales
process can be a competitive advantage. Tune your sales process to the
customer you are most likely getting through lead generation. These techniques
produce leads in a similar fashion. The idea is to engage a large number of
targeted email addresses or Web traffic with a compelling offer or value. This
offer or value results in a response of some limited personal contact information
and a request. The primary objective is to generate a well targeted prospect.
But, keep in mind (and in your sales process), that the simplicity of the offer
and low risk to commit will result in only a small percentage of immediate
buyers. That is why a sales process and a lead management system to actively
follow-up is a big success factor.

Evaluating Lead Providers Understanding the basic elements of the marketing
will help you pick a good partner. Ask a lot of questions.

How long have you been in business?

How are the leads I will be buying generated?

What industries do you generate leads for?

What is your expertise? What is your return policy?

What are some of the best practices in working your leads?

Also, do your business research. Validate their business location(s), contact
information, and business licenses. Check the better business bureau. Google
their company and principles’ names. Ask your colleagues and friends for
opinions and perceptions.

Optimizing Your Lead Buying Once you are ready to begin buying leads,
optimize that lead buy. Matching your lead requests (lead filters) to your
specific business’ products and services is probably one of the biggest hidden
secrets of pay per lead buying. Although information provided by the
customer, on a 10-20 data point lead, is limited it can still be very effective
in targeting your ideal client. Leverage each of those lead attributes to
buy leads.

Make sure at a minimum you filter for customers you can help (i.e., matching
geography, product attributes, and lead quantity). As you receive and work
leads you will quickly see your investment in lead management pay off.
Trends and opportunities you observe will allow you to optimize your targeting
and buying. You will be able to go beyond matching your business and begin
matching leads to specific sales people.

Tracking Leads and Sales Getting to that ideal sales state–matching the perfect
lead to the right sales person is linked directly to great sales lead tracking. What
works and what doesn’t is critical to process improvement. By tracking your
leads and the sales processes that work them you can see opportunities to
improve both.

Maximize your lead tracking by defining and consistently tagging your leads
with time, date, and action taken. This simple methodology will show you
bottlenecks in your sales pipelines and weaknesses in your marketing campaigns.
Pay Per Lead Needs a Lead Management Process Pay for performance lead
generation is an efficient and value-based way of paying for marketing.

However, to create consistent and predictable success you need to create a
trackable, repeatable process. Evaluate this marketing approach for your
business, but ensure it is a fit: partner, leads, and sales culture. Then set in place
these simple processes and watch your success grow.”


I agree with a lot of the information in this article. The main
question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to work
with one of these large companies that offers many leads.


Why because these leads could be cold and old. I would suggest
a small local firm that can offer you personalized service, and
focus on your specific needs to generate highly qualified hot
leads to your business. Give us a call at Top Gun Leads!