How To Make Money Using Pay Per Call

First of all lets look at pay per call and how it can make you an income and why pay per call is becoming the preferred choice of Internet marketers. Then we will have a look at how to make money using pay per call.

Pay per call is the next step in Internet marketing but so few really understand the potential and true power it holds. Pay per call is where you get paid every time a phone number is used. An example would be setting up a deal with a local offline company who does not currently benefit from the Internet, after all, A search engine such as Google will only display ten listings for a chosen keyword on any given page. Also many people using search engines very rarely go past the first page now with just a little spill over onto pages two and three. So if you had a small company with a simple web page sat on page five, it would not be getting any traffic when searched. This is where pay per call comes in. You would have a deal with them at, lets say $40 per call, you would then advertise a unique number which links through and records the event logging you with sending them a phone lead. What they do with the lead is down to them, you have simply made the $40 for making it ring in the first place.

Pay per call is hot right now because the days of web site designers is coming to an end. Many companies now are using free content management software and pre coded applications that the need for external expertise is losing its pace. This leaving it to the individual companies to battle it out for front page search results in the likes of Google and Yahoo.

So many companies have come to except that they cannot gain traffic from the powerful Internet but find they struggle to compete with their competition due to the fact that the increasing use of the Internet is meaning that they are losing custom and potential leads. The competition which sits happily on the front pages are swallowing up all the traffic and sales leaving smaller companies on pages two, three, four and onwards with very little result.

Pay per call is like a breath of fresh air to these smaller companies and they are more than happy for your leads based on the fact that it is business up front. They dont pay a penny to you until after they already have their lead and have made a potential sale. This is powerful advertising.

How to make money with pay per call simplified. You strike a deal with a small company. A deal such as $10, $20, $30 plus, per call. You use a pay per call tracking number, then advertise this online and offline. Every time that number is called it is tracked back to you. Finally the company pays you the total on a given day of the month. Thats pay per call. You simply get paid for making a local offline business phone ring.

Some companies offer pay per call with pre negotiated deals already in place. Simply register with the company and you will be given a unique phone number. Use the software of the company to duplicate a web page including your number. Then the software will also track your number and tally up your sales. Finally your sales and commissions can be collected for you and paid to you all from one place.