Pay Per Call Versus Traditional B2B Lead Generation

Watch this video on tips for B2B lead generation, then read the
article on pay per call vs traditional lead generation methods..

This article explores pay per call for in bound calls and that of a telemarketing
campaign and direct mail marketing. Each has its benefits. Direct mail is slow
and the effective call rate is very low. Telemarketing campaigns are prices on
the campaigns themselves. You’ll get a much faster response if the campaign
is done well and is highly targeted. Pay per call is more expensive, but these
are highly targeted prospects that have already raised their hand in wanting
your product or service.

Pay Per Call Versus Traditional B2B Lead Generation

“However, just like other b2b lead generation methods, this new method is being compared to more traditional means. The population is divided between likes and dislikes from various industries on whether or not they should pursue outsourced call center …Business 2 Community”


When evaluating these different lead generation strategies, all of these factors need
to be taken into consideration, Time, Speed and Budget. I hope this was helpful to
you as you consider your marketing needs.

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