Pay per Call vs Traditional Lead Generation Services


Have you ever had that time wherein you are torn between choosing only one of two paths?

Business owners get this life making decision quite frequently. And if you own a company of your own, then chances are you are stricken with this hard decision making event when choosing the right way to generate leads.

You might already have a decision wherein you outsource your lead generation and appointment setting to professional telemarketers. However, there is still another decision to make wherein which of type of outsourcing company should you opt for; one with the pay per call telemarketing program or one with traditional outsourced telemarketing services.

Let us first look at traditional telemarketing services for lead generation and what it can bring to your organization.

Traditional call center services on telemarketing for lead generation and appointment setting is the choice for many. What you get is a marketing campaign that runs for a specific period of time which usually takes a month or longer (depending on how long do you want your marketing course to run). Professional telemarketers, data specialists, account managers, and campaign specialists work hand in hand in giving you quality b2b leads and sales appointments.

Though it “is” the choice for many businesses around the globe, most traditional call centers charge their services quite high. Hence, if you’re still starting out within today’s business world, you might have a rough time coping up with the capital you just spent to acquire such services.

Because of this, the pay per call telemarketing scheme was made to be. This telemarketing scheme is quite similar to traditional telemarketing services, except for one very noticeable thing: the price. Instead of blatantly paying for the entirety of your outsourced campaign, the majority of the price for their services will fall on the number of calls to be made (hence the name for the telemarketing scheme).

Do not fret if you think this won’t get you any leads since you are mostly paying for the cold calls to be made. Do not forget that you are getting the aid of highly trained professionals, especially the sales representatives that will be making the calls. These call center agents have already gained the necessary skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience to get you the business leads and appointments.

In short, you gain the ability of getting qualified, and even pre-qualified sales leads and business appointments at low costs.

In the end, the decision rests upon your shoulders on which lead generation and appointment setting option you would like to choose for the benefit of your organization. However, if you want great telemarketing services at a price that is reasonable on your company’s budget, opt for the pay per lead telemarketing program instead. This way, the capital cost won’t hurt your company’s budget too much while maximizing your return of revenue.

Make sure to contact a reputable telemarketing call center today to get a free quote on such services. They can also give you an outlook on what will happen during the course of your campaign, who to target, and what would be the best time to contact them.