Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC, known as Pay Per Click Advertising is a type of internet advertising. It is a method of paying for advertising on the Internet search engines. PPC is easily one of the best advertising tools available. Whether you’re launching a short-term campaign, creating more awareness for your business, or simply driving up sales, PPC gives you the power to reach the right customers at the right time when they’re looking for your product or service. This is a method of computing advertising cost based on how many people click a specific link. This is a cost effective way of advertising, as the merchant only has to pay when someone actually clicks through to their web page. You can decide on own your pricing. PPC ads are often used to advertise your own website to drive more traffic to your website or advertise a product with your affiliate link.

Pay Per Click has been found to be the most effective and fastest way to increase traffic to a website. Remember that Pay Per Click is not about trying to attract someone’s attention and spread brand awareness, although this benefit does exist; it’s about offering your product/service when a potential customer is looking for it and it is incredibly effective, reliable and cost-efficient compared to other advertising. Choosing right keyword and the right search engine to advertise are the keys for a successful PPC campaign. Pay Per Click Search Engines enable you to list your website at the top of specific search engine results.

Every time your “ad” is shown in a page, this is called an Impression. Websites that subscribe to PPC advertising ads will display the ad when a keyword, matches an advertiser’s keyword list. PPC providers operate under a bid-based model. This means those that pay the highest price get the top spots on the first page, and everyone follows in order of their bid. Bidding on top keywords will yield you less as competition for these are stiff already. To get best results, use the most used search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. and bit the appropriate sum of money for the ad.

Some of the advantages of PPC are as follows,
1. Driving traffic to your website.
2. Creating brand awareness.
3. Publicity of your company, website, products.
4. Boost your business to the top.
5. Good Return on Investment.

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