Successful B2b Lead Generation For Financial Services

Business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing does not confine only to several companies. It is a helpful tool that can be used by all firms, the nature of products and/or services notwithstanding. The financial services industry, too, can utilize the telephone as its major instrument to increase its number of qualified financial sales leads.

From its conception until now, cold-calling has been swarmed with challenges. Talking to the bosses, who are strangers to you, is one of the biggest hurdles. However, through effective planning and execution, all of the obstacles can be passed through to reach company’s goals and objectives.

The following statements are some of the tried and tested means to generate more quality sales leads, especially for the financial services sector.

1. Script must not be used.

As opposed to what others are thinking, using script in cold-calling is not that effective. It actually limits the success rate in a business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing. Instead of scripts, come up with a free flow and flexible call guide. This will assist professional telemarketers to converse more efficiently with sales prospects. Using scripts does not have customization and personal touch.

Moreover, callers must know the specific needs of the target leads. By doing so, they will be able to inform prospects with the right solutions to their problems.

2. The benefits must be the core of the conversation.

During the conversation, professional telemarketers must focus more on the gains that a customer can get if s/he opts to buy. Less must be discussed about the company. This is so because the sales leads show more enthusiasm in knowing what can solve his/her problem/s. Furthermore, they are interested in getting information on how can the products and/or services give benefits and/or lower their expenses.

Always remember that prospects initially want to know how can a thing uplifts their lives, especially that you are selling financial products.

3. Shorten the introductory statement.

Frequently, decision makers get bored when they hear ong opening lines from the caller. With this, cold-callers must practice a short but enticing opening pitch in order to catch the attention of the prospects.

4. Don’t beat around the bush.

Managers and directors value each second of their work time. Therefore, professional telemarketers ought to be direct, honest and straightforward. They must hit the bull’s eye immediately and never mention something that can’t help any relation to the products and services.

5. Sales is part of a process.

Callers must keep in mind that sales is not an independent event. Yet, it is a part of a process. For that reason, they are obliged to keep things moderately. They are not to push for the sale to close quickly. Why? Because this might lead to losing customers.

Every sales prospect is an employee of another company. They think not only of their personal benefits but of the entire company. This means that it takes time for them to make a decision. What telemarketers should do is to nurture them while the leads are still in the decision-making stage.

6. Utilize a set of diverse marketing methods.

Telemarketing must be combined with other tools to optimize lead generation. Firms, then, are obliged to try search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per leads and the likes.

7. Build a relationship.

One of the keys in success, not only for financial services, is to build rapport with the customers. How? Professional marketers must nurture them by keeping them informed, educated and valued.