What Can Pay Per Call Local Lead Generation Do For Your Business?

So, what is this thing called pay per call local lead generation? It is a pay per call system that pays a commission to someone for generating a phone call to a business. pay per call is a way for Internet or affiliate marketers to generate additional income promoting nationally advertised products with some great companies like Ring Revenue.

They provide affiliate networks like Commission Junction the platform to track and manage calls for their merchants and affiliates. Companies like Commission Junction, an affiliate wholesaler, continue to add pay per call offers from new companies.

But, pay per call local lead generation is different! It offers the opportunity to develop relationships in a local market with local business owners to generate leads for their business.
pay per call local lead generation appears to present a unique and new opportunity for Internet marketers. While pay per call offers focus on national offers, pay per call local lead generation focuses on local offers that the marketer finds in their local business community.

Pay per call local lead generation allows marketers to establish relationships with local businesses to promote that business for a negotiated fee per phone lead. There are literally hundred of businesses that might benefit from these marketing services. In fact, any business that relies on call-in phone leads to generate sales might be interested for a number of reasons; assuming that a pay per call local lead generation platform provides certain features that meet the needs of the small business owner.

Here are some examples of local businesses that might be interested in pay per call local lead generation: florists, lawyers, dentists, plumbers, various contractors, real estate professionals and offices, home and auto insurance agents and offices, life insurance agents, financial service professionals, etc.

In fact, many of these businesses already pay for leads. For example, fencing contractors, window installers, real estate agents, insurance agents and financial services representatives are very accustomed to paying for leads. These leads provide information like name, address, phone number and the service desired. The particular business or employee is then tasked to follow-up on this lead. This follow-up process is often tedious and non productive. Several things can spoil the lead. Time is just one. If the lead is old, that person might have already lost interest; or completely forgotten about their request. Or, the need has already been filled; or the contact information is erroneous; or the person simply cannot be reached.

On the other hand, pay per call local lead generation is designed to produce a call-in lead. In sales terms, this is a hot lead. This person has initiated a call in anticipation of filling their need. Another major difference between pay per call local lead generation and these more traditional lead services is that is performance based. With the more traditional lead services, leads are purchased in advance. With pay per call local lead generation, leads are purchased when a person calls a business. If this hot lead is not produced, the marketer does not get paid. The sales conversion rates are much higher for a call-in lead.

However, this is a brand new marketing service that local businesses are not yet aware of. Consequently, they might be a bit hesitant to enter into an agreement with a marketer. And, local businesses are more than likely going to have some basic needs that must be met. First of all, negotiated fees should probably be reasonable. Secondly, proof of the call-in lead source must be verifiable. The pay per call local lead generation platform should be able to track the time of call, the source of the call and perhaps the originating phone number.

Generally speaking, if these basic needs are met, a small business owner should recognize value in pay per call local lead generation. They should already have an advertising budget, but it is difficult to track the effectiveness of more traditional advertising methods. Furthermore, since this is performance based advertising, there is little risk to the business owner for these higher value call-in leads.

Pay per call local lead generation appears to offer some distinct advantages to the Internet marketer as well. It allows them to expand their business offline and establish relationships with small business owners in their community. These relationships might allow them to cross sell other Internet related services they might be qualified to offer such as webcasting services, website construction, and perhaps even Search Engine Optimization services.

In conclusion, pay per call offers from national companies are becoming more prevalent. pay per call local lead generation presents a new opportunity for Internet marketers. Marketers should look for platforms that meet the basic needs of local businesses if they want to venture into this new marketing opportunity.

At this time, there appears to be very little or no competition for this marketing service. Furthermore, small business owners might very well receive this performance based advertising as something that will significantly increase their return on investment and have a positive impact on their advertising efforts.