Pay Per Lead Services

Pay per lead marketing is very similar to pay per call in generating fresh hot leads to the business community. As our pay per lead generation companies feeds your business with these leads, you are charged an agreed upon price for that lead, therefore reducing your cost in having to have a website and hiring a marketing strategy consultant to work with you other internet marketing strategies to grow your business.

It is always a good idea to have more than one approach to generating leads, but pay per lead programs can be a highly effective way in getting traffic to your business because these potential clients have already filled out the form requesting your type of  service.

Not all pay per lead advertising companies, have a guarantees that we have at Top Gun Leads... All leads will be your exclusively. We do not want you to compete with other companies when offering services  like what Service Magic and Angies’ List does. You may or may not have exclusive territory rights as it will depend on your capability to service the number of customers that are being sent to you. You would then contact the lead and sell your business services.

pay per lead

Pay per Lead Service Features at Top Gun Leads

1) Very easy to understand and completely accessible database to match your business requirements to the lead.

2) You are contacted via email every time a lead comes into the system. You will then be able to access that information and contact the prospective client within
24 hours, at that time you will be charged for the lead.

3) If the lead is not a good qualified lead, let us know, and we’ll credit you with a lead

4)  It’s Free to get started. You will be automatically billed every Sunday for those qualified leads, and the invoice is due within 2 days.  We only want the best qualified companies in your area to service potential clients

How Do We Generate Leads Online for You?

We  conduct many online strategies to generate customers for our clients, from pay per click advertising, organic SEO using targeted lead generation websites, directories, social media and more. This is all at no cost to you. You just benefit by getting top qualified leads delivered to you either through the potential customer filling out a request for information form (per per lead system) or our pay per call system, getting the best of both marketing strategies delivered to you.

Pay Per Lead Increase your Business ROI

Pay Per Lead Program Assistance

We will assist you in getting setup within our system(s). Once you determine the method or methods that you would like to employ, either pay per lead, pay per call, or a flat monthly fee, and the cost for those leads, you will need to fund your account, and then we’ll get working right away on your behalf. Remember, the customer is waiting and expecting you to call within 24 hours, by doing so, you will increase the possibility of them hiring you for your services.

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