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Local Mobile Marketing Ad Revenue to reach $5B by 2016

Why Mobile Marketing is Taking Over Traditional Marketing Strategies

One of the fastest growing marketing services today is that of mobile marketing. Mobile Marketing entails getting your website mobile ready so that the information you want the consumer to ready is easily accessible and easy to ready.

Mobile marketing and Mobile Websites

Check out these unbelievable stats regarding advertising on mobile devices

Local Mobile Ad Revenues Forecast: $5 Billion by 2016 – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

“In the ongoing cycle of market forecasting, we’re once again at a half-year refresh for mobile local ad revenue projections. Though the revenue outlook is the “money” number, there are lots of background inputs to dissect, such as mobile search volume. Mobile local ad revenues will grow from $784 million last year to $5.01 billion in 2016. If that seems low, keep in mind that we’re just talking about the local segment of overall U.S. mobile ad revenues ”

 Mobile Marketing For All Mobile Devices

 Mobile devices include ipad, ipods, iphone, androids, blackberries and a multitude of other devices that are being developed. These types of platforms are here to stay, and will take over the market by 2015 surpassing laptops and desktops. 

It only makes sense to get in front of this curve and create ads and landing pages encouraging consumers to connect to your
app or website.

Mobile apps are all the rage and are part of this growing market. Having a mobile website  a downloadable mobile app and integrating with SMS text message marketing is part of where you will receive the most targeted online leads to grow
your business.

In most cases, people search using their mobile device. The marketing goal of any business should be to get in front of as many potential customers at any given time when they are searching for their product or service. If you currently have a website designed only for a desktop computer, your website will be difficult to read, leaving the consumer frustrated, and they will leave.

As more and more businesses understand the need for a mobile website and the great opportunities mobile marketing can give to local businesses,  and your business doesn’t get on board, you will be missing out on those potential customers.  Mobile is the next big wave…don’t get caught under the wave!

By Valerie Tobin

V.B. Tobin writes on trending marketing strategies such as the newest lead generation techniques like pay per call marketing, mobile advertising, and the lastest news in search engine optimization.